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Save with T.R.I.P. for most every purchse

TRIP / Reduce Your Costs

Reduce your school bill with T.R.I.P. !

TRIP is a simple way to reduce tuition and fees. TRIP earning can add up to a few dollars or more than $1,000 each year; it all depends on how you choose to use the program. Retailers of all kinds, both national and local, offer their gift cards through TRIP. Retailers return a percentage of the cost of the gift cards you purchase to the school. The percentage that is returned accumulates in a TRIP earnings account. Once each year, in February, families choose how they would like their TRIP earnings applied; such as to your tuition bill or fees for the current or the following school year. TRIP at JCS is managed by a volunteer team. The team places orders, fills online orders and keeps up with all of the latest changes and improvements to make TRIP a great cost reduction opportunity.

Register - Begin Earning TRIP Funds Now

1. Read our TRIP Policies
2. Print, read, sign and return the TRIP Registration Form
3. Sign up online with Shop with SCRIP to have the option of ordering online – using our JCS Enrollment Code: EC82A78F1945


Once you've registered Order TRIP two ways – Online or At School.

Order TRIP online at ShopwithScrip.com

1. Order cards and reload cards
2. Visit the web site for a full list of retailers and rebates that you can earn towards tuition and fees
3. ScripNow (ecards) from various retailers are available to use immediately when using PrestoPay
4. PrestoPay is an electronic payment method that allows you to pay for orders online

Order TRIP at the School

1. Fill out an order form available at the school offices (forms can change weekly)
2. Pay for order with check or money order (Cash)
3. Drop off and pick up orders on the high school or elementary campus at the designated times

TRIP - Dropbox at JCS

Jackson Christian School

Reduce your tuition when you refer a new family

Referral Credit
JCS families are the very best form of advertisement for our school. When you share the school with others you help to strengthen the school for everyone. Families who refer new families are eligible for a one-time tuition credit of $200.00 for each new student referred, accepted and enrolled. Each new family is asked if they were referred by a current family. Connect friends and family with our Admissions Office or refer them to the school web site and we’ll take it from there.

Hosting a Small Group School Meeting
JCS will waive (or refund) the re-enrollment fee of $165.00 for any family who hosts a qualifying, in-home meeting. In Home meetings inform interested families about the JCS experience while in the comfortable setting of a home. A qualifying meeting will be attended by at least two interested families with at least one new student enrollment as a result. This is in addition to the normal referral credit.

Contact the Superintendent’s office for more info at (517) 783-2658.


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