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International Student Program at Jackson Christian School
Jackson, Michigan USA

Our goal is to provide International Students with an opportunity to engage in every aspect
of American culture in an academic environment that is safe, helpful and personal.

JCS Alumni - Jackson Michigan

International Students International Student Program at JCS
International Student Director: Holly Stanton
(574) 339-7685 (Send Email)

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Jackson Christian School (JCS) has many years of experience with International Students from a variety of countries. Our understanding of the unique needs of International Students has led the school to develop a positive school atmosphere that allows students to grow in their understanding of both the language and culture in an affirming and family oriented environment. JCS American students are accustomed to interacting with students from many cultures which helps our International Students adjust more quickly.

Tuition is all inclusive and there are no additional fees charged by the school. All academic courses and many social opportunities are included in the cost of tuition.

Application Requirements

Upon submission of the above documents, a Skype interview will be scheduled and conducted for a final decision regarding admission.

All International Students must apply via an agency. JCS currently works with the following agencies that specialize in International Student opportunities for middle school and high school students:

Achieve 360 - Please send email to shirleyxtlsaylor@me.com
AVINS - www.avinseducation.com
Quest Exchange - www.questexchange.org
PSE - www.pse-edu.org
Quest International - www.questexchange.org
WorldNet Overseas - www.cafe.naver.com/uhakplanner

Agencies who are interested in working with Jackson Christian School should direct their inquiry to Holly Stanton, International Student Director.

JCS Alumni - Jackson Michigan

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