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Board of Directors

Overview of Governance of Jackson Christian School

Jackson Christian School Board Governance Model
Royal Ministries is a 501c3 non-profit organization, which exists to provide Christian education through Jackson Christian School. As such, the Royal Ministries/School Board of Directors operates using a non-profit form of governance rather than the form of governance used by public schools, which are political bodies subject to open meeting requirements. The Board follows principles of policy governance, whereby the Board sets broad policies within which the school is to operate, but does not interject itself into the operations of the school. No individual board member has any authority over school personnel or operations, nor does any individual board member have authority to speak for the school. The Board believes in the one-voice authority of the chief administrator, who is accountable to the entire Board, not to any individual board member.

Board Meetings
Royal Ministries, Inc., as a private nonprofit organization, does not hold open meetings. The school board concerns itself with school policy and strategic planning rather than with daily operations. Therefore, curriculum, personnel and student policies are primarily determined by the superintendent with assistance from the administrative team and other staff members, subject to parameters set forth in board policies.

Board Member Selection and Qualifications
The Royal Ministries/School Board is a “self-perpetuating board.” All potential board members must be nominated from within the Board, although names may be suggested for consideration by anyone. Members of the Board of Directors must be born-again believers and subscribe without reservation to the school’s Statement of Faith and Philosophy of Education. Members of the School Board must be Christian role models in the school and community and members in good standing of a local evangelical church whose doctrine is consistent with the School’s Statement of Faith.

Meet Our Board of Directors
Rick Blumenstock
Rick Blumenstock
Electrical Engineer, Consumers Energy
Current Parent: Two JCS Students

Why do I serve on the JCS Board? I choose to serve on the school board for two reasons. First I have a vested interest in the school since I plan to send my children all the way through the school system. Serving on the board is a practical way to do all I can to ensure JCS provides the highest possible standard of spiritual and academic training for my children. Second, the school plays a key role in fulfilling God’s Commission of bringing Him glory and furthering His Kingdom. I am excited about how the school fulfills this commission and I want to be part of it.
Richard Carpenter Richard L. Carpenter
Certified Public Accountant, Certified Government Financial Manager, Rehmann
JCS Alumnus, Current Parent: Two JCS Students

Why do I serve on the JCS Board? I attribute a lot of who I am today to the partnership between Jackson Christian School, my family, and my church. During some of the most vulnerable years of a kid’s life, this partnership laid the foundation for my faith, my personal life, and my professional career. In retrospect, God used the school (not only staff but parents of students) to my benefit in some of the most pivotal situations in my life. I fully expect, Lord willing, all 4 of my children to attend kindergarten through graduation as I did. I serve to use the skills, knowledge, and experiences that God has given me to support the work that continues through Him in the lives of the students and their families.
Beth Eddy Beth Eddy
Alumni Parent: Two Alumni Children - Class of '10, '13

Why do I serve on the JCS Board? Being part of the JCS family has been one of the biggest blessings in our family’s lives. We have had the privilege of having both of our children educated from DK-12th grade at JCS. Words cannot describe the wonderful experience it has been to have been a part of this school over the past 18 years. I chose to serve as a member of the Board in hopes that God will use me to help make a difference at JCS. I want to see JCS continue to grow and to provide a Christian school alternative to our community.
Vic Face  Vic Face
Self Employed Building Contractor
Current Grandparent & Alumni Parent: Grandchildren in the School

Why do I serve on the JCS Board? God convicted mine and my wife’s hearts as a young married couple to make sure that our children would receive an education with a Christian world view that would align itself with the same values found in God’s Word, our home, and our church. We found that very thing at Jackson Christian School. This is a place where a loving and caring staff seek to educate children, centered around the Word of God while challenging them in their faith. I have been a faithful supporter of JCS for many years, but God recently laid it on my heart to be more involved. A short while later, I was approached and asked to take a position on the school board. I knew that this was where God needed me to serve at this time. I consider it a great blessing and responsibility to serve on this board as the future of God’s next church leaders will be molded here at Jackson Christian School.
Andrew Hershberger  Andrew Hershberger
Technical Sales Representative in the Advanced Materials Division, 3M
Current Parent: Two JCS Students

Why do I serve on the JCS Board? My wife, April and I have two daughter enrolled at JCS. I was fortunate to have parents who believed that Christian education was important and I attended several Christian schools K-12 as we moved around the Midwest. Unfortunately, the school that I graduated High School from is no longer open. However, I feel “adopted” by the JCS family since we have chosen to have our two girls enrolled here. My parents also instilled in me a sense of serving Jesus with my abilities. I see serving on the board as an opportunity to use the gifts and skills that God has given me to further his Kingdom here on earth.
John Kane  John Kane
Professor, WMU Cooley Law School
Lawyer at an Estate Planning & Property Practice
Alumni Parent: Three Alumni Children - Class of '05, '07, '11

Why do I serve on the JCS Board? My wife, Sandia and I had three children go through JCS and Sandia taught Art at the High School for 9 years. I serve on the JCS Board because I want to further the Gospel in general and Christian education in particular in Jackson County, and I believe God has equipped me to do so as a JCS Board member. JCS is an incredibly important ministry. I believe that all of us who care about growing and spreading faith through education and service should do all we can to sustain and advance it.
Terri Pardee Terri Pardee, Ph.D, LPC
Professor of Psychology, Spring Arbor University
JCS Alumnus

Why do I serve on the JCS Board? I embrace the mission of Jackson Christian School! As an alumna (‘81), I have experienced firsthand how God uses the academic rigor and sound Biblical teachings of a Christian school to challenge, motivate, and prepare young hearts for a lifetime of service to Him. My time as a professional, working in the public school setting, has heightened my respect for the holistic education Jackson Christian School offers—the type of education I desire for my own children. Serving on the Board of Directors allows me to walk alongside committed Christians who earnestly seek God’s will as they strive to develop the intellectual, emotional, relational, and spiritual aspects of each student.


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